Update for Your Success Ally Website

Update 12/12/18

The main website crashed.   It seems to be a sign to update the site (something I have been wanting to do anyway.)

While the updates are being made, this earlier version of blog articles is available.

Please enjoy, and check back for updates.

Thank you,

David, Your Success Ally


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Making Life Changes and the Creative Process

A lot of clients are surprised to experience less support expected from those close to them.  Since this is such a common experience, here are a few words about making life changes and how they relate to the creative process.


As you are moving towards your success you are making changes in your life. It is simply part of the process.


Your willingness, even eagerness to make changes makes you a bit unusual. Be aware that most people prefer to have life stay about the same. Most people do not like change. (A friend observed: The only person in the world who likes change is a wet baby — and they are not sure.)


The people in our world tend to hold us the way they remember us. We most dramatically see this with growing children we have not seen recently. They grow up and we imagine them as little kids. We say things like: “Wow! You’ve grown a lot!” Which they respond to with a (hopefully) polite, uncomfortable look.


Our adult friends, colleagues and family members do this to us. They expect us to be and act a certain way. Most of the time this is fine. However when we are starting a new project or venture it is delicate and requires special handling. It is important to nurture it until it is stronger. In support of your success, we recommend keeping your new project secret until it is strong enough.


Strong enough for what?


To stand up to remarks from people that may not be well thought out or supportive. Remarks that are coming from their wanting you to stay the same and not being sure how to respond to your making changes.


Think about old time maps of the world. Back when everyone thought it was flat. At the uncharted edges there were often monsters depicted. Fear of the unexplored is more common than you would expect these days. Your making changes in your life, striving for success, can actually seem threatening to some people who are close to you.


It is best to share your plans and progress with only those who fully support you and your project. Your allies for success.


Another reason to keep the project quiet is to focus the energy of creation toward a successful outcome.


That sounds a bit odd. What does it mean? Let’s go with an example.


Think about a time you had an idea. It was a GREAT idea! You couldn’t wait to tell someone. The first person you told may have gotten excited too. Or, as mentioned above, they might say things to discourage you. The thing about new ideas is that if we talk about them before we have a chance to start making them real they can evaporate. There are two common ways that this happens:


  1. We can forget about them before we have them written down and well formed.

  2. We can get so involved in talking about them that we FEEL like we’ve done them already. The satisfaction comes from the talking and we are left without the idea. It dissipates.


When you have an idea, write it down. (Keeping a journal is a great way to capture them when they are fresh.) Write as long as the inspiration comes. Keep writing until you run out of things to write. Then let it rest. This is not the time for critique, it is the time to record inspiration. Critique and refinement will come later.


Next time you think of the idea, go back to where you wrote it down and add more information. Flesh out any details that come to you. Add parts that make sense. Fill in any gaps as you are further inspired. Let the creative process work with you. It is not about time and it does not like pressure.


You may find that you revisit and refine your idea many times the first week. Each time adding to it.


When it seems like it is taking good shape you may find that it is time to rewrite it in a more formal format. (Rather than scattered on several different pages over several days.) In this rewriting process you may find that it is time to refine and perhaps critique a little.


When the rewritten part is ready, if you have an ally to share it with it may be ready. Use your judgment. You may prefer to go through the refinement process a few times before sharing it.


When you are ready to share it, set the stage for your ally. Let them know if you would like to share the idea without critique just to share it all. Or, if you feel you are ready for some critique, let them know that also. It is your idea, you get to choose.


For ideas that grow to the point of being shared and further refined you may find that you will request the assistance of others as the idea grows. At some point it will be ready to share with the world – and even those who, earlier, might have said things like “you can’t do that” or, “anyone could have thought of that”. Your idea will be strong enough that its value will be self evident.


This is David, Your Success Ally
Wishing you fun in the creative process. Create something to make the world better!

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